The Firebird’s Sacrifice

21 Jul

Before the Elves stepped down from Imer

Before the Dwarfs found refuge in Cragor

Before the Men found the shores of Cordaire

The Firebird stood guard beyond the shores


Under his watchful eye, the land was pure

No evil dared to encroach upon him

A god to the creatures, their saviour

To him they turned when life was grim


But the Raven was not pure of heart

He confronted the Firebird, in a raging fury

“If our lands are safe, why not fight?”

To ensure none address us lightly?”


“We will not fight.” The Firebird stood strong

“We fight to protect, not to conquer and destroy.”

The Raven tensed, his wrath no more prolonged

“You will see death. I am just his envoy.”


In a flash, the Raven vanished into smoke

The creatures cried and panicked

“What evil have we evoked?”

The Firebird spoke, “We have been tricked”


“Go and tell your brothers and sisters

To seek refuge at once

I will put an end to these horrors.

And in yourself, find guidance.”


The Firebird vanished in a blazing fire

The creatures mourned his depature

But hope in them he did inspire

They hid away, waiting for an answer


And forever they remained hidden

Forever loyal to the Firebird’s advice

Unknown wrath forgone from our vision

from the Firebird’s sacrifce


Inspired from this wonderful piece of art.

A myth from my fictional world of Cordaire.

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