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25 Jun

So I’ve sat down, and actually decided to make a blog. Step one achieved.

Now where to go? Should I just ramble on about what I did today, or should I divulge my future readers in philosophical meanings of the world around us? Or should I just post whenever I feel like it, about whatever I like? I could put my story ideas on the web, and subject them to ridicule and/or praise from the billions of bloggers. Or I could just keep them in a journal, and never look at them except when I get that urge to write.

That sometimes happens, the urge to create something. Anything. Everybody gets it, one way or another. What they do with it is totally up to them. Some, if not most, dismiss it, and carry on with whatever they were doing. A very special few, though, embrace it and use it to make their wildest imaginings come true.

I aim to be one of those people, the people who take life by the horns and seize the opportunity to create whenever it strikes.

So, enough rambling. Let the creating begin. . .

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